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Galleri Andersson/Sandström:
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Galleri Andersson/Sandström


Swedish Art and Business Awards 2004
Boverkets Stadsmiljöråd 2005
Umeåregionens bästa besöksmål



There is no denying that Skulpturstaden Umeå is somewhat lopsided. And this pleases us. It offers us the chance to address a pressing area for improvement. The centre of outdoor, sculptural gravity is in the Umedalen district. Although this district makes up the periphery in many other contexts, it is at the centre in this respect. Krister Olsson’s passionate engagement and the Balticgruppen’s efforts in the Umedalen Sculpture Park to the West and the Strömpilen shopping centre to the East have created what is an unquestionably untraditional relationship between the town centre and the outskirts.

It is considerably less flattering if we choose to describe it as ‘half paralysed’ rather than ‘lopsided’. Accordingly, the municipality has a pressing task at hand: to develop the centre of Umeå with the long-term vision that characterised the aforementioned, privately financed initiative. I hope the municipality will undertake the long-term challenge of shaping the areas along the Nordic river landscape in an artistic way. The first step is to be a part of Umedalen Skulptur 2010. So why not join Krister and Balticgruppen? Work together? This time, we will restrict ourselves to hosting two temporary installations; one by Jacob Dahlgren and another by Lotta Hannertz. Well enough! But, we will set no such limits when seeking out forms of social interaction in the future!

Lars Sahlin
Chief curator, Umeå Municipality


Sculptures in the city center of Umeå